SNZ Corporate


The combining of economic and energetic development with environmental safeguard is a no longer deferrable requirement that point out to everyone’s attentions the need of a responsible behaviour aimed to rationalize consumptions also in the view of energetic efficiency and to minimize wastes through eco-friendly policies and behaviours.

SNZ was founded and operates with the aim of acting in the management and development of power generation from renewable resources through the implementation of innovative solutions aimed to the production of green energy. Our operational fields include the main renewable energy sources, inside these fields the company has consolidated its position confirming its development strategy based on technological and geographical diversification focusing its activities in the growing markets. This development strategy has been supported by the integration of environmental sustainability and innovation.

On the basis of our deep experience SNZ has developed a core sector of technical and management experts focused to drive clients to an efficient establishment into the country taking care of relations with institutions, organizations, local governments, selected companies and business partners in order to get the best results and reduce investment risks.

Field of Action: